Valentine Freebies for Speech Therapy: Digital & Print

5 Little Sweethearts – Repetitive Rhyme

Fun repetitive, rhyming tale of Valentine hearts losing a Valentine in different places. Sequence the places the lost Valentine was left on the last card of the deck.

Download HERE: 5 Little Sweethearts (Digital Resource)

Valentine’s Day Quick Play Articulation Game for Prevocalic /r/

This resource includes 4 game boards, 64 target cards, 4 types of gameplay mixups pictured below, and an extra card to add your own target words. Download the PDF below.

This FREEBIE digital deck was designed to introduce or practice the concept of category exclusion.

Targets include:
things inside
things outside
things hot
things cold
things heavy
things dirty
things salty
things bright
things sweet

Download HERE: V-Day What Does Not Belong?

Enjoy & Always Have Fun!

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