7 Ways To Elevate Your Students: Intervention Flip


Nearpod delivers pre-made, fully-interactive lessons designed by subject for all grade levels. That’s not all… Teachers, your own powerpoint presentations can be easily converted to import lessons and begin adding interactive elements, web-links or video snippets. Nearpods can be inserted into your LMS (i.e. Canvas), if applicable, so students can review and access them outside of the classroom. Cast the lesson simultaneously to each student and monitor their progress throughout the lesson.  Nearpod users have access to Nearpod 3D, providing fully rotatable 3D images to use for teaching, and Nearpod VR, allowing integration with Smartphone VR headsets like Google Cardboard to create virtual field trips for students.

I personally view Nearpod as a tool to increase behavioral momentum and positive participation responses in those students that are often hard to reach.  Nearpod is also an amazing tool for Speech Pathologists to utilize during language intervention and fluency therapy; however, with all of the Nearpod’s bells and whistles, the possibilities are endless.  For example, I absolutely love taking my students on virtual field trips.  We take pictures of what we see and screenshots of the video stream to facilitate discussion and sharing. After the trip, we reflect on the experience (comprehension questions, discuss new vocabulary,  make associations, practice identifying function, feature and class of things with photographed during the trip…), evaluate predictions, share favorite experiences with a peer buddy, and discuss ideas for the next trip.

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What is Flipgrid? Microsoft recently acquired Flipgrid and it is completely FREE!  Flipgrid is an app that allows a teacher to post a question or discussion topic to which students may respond via video.  This social learning environment promotes equality and increases engagement. It is absolutely adored by both teachers and students.  Embed grids or connect with a variety of other platforms such as Blackboard and Moodle.

  • Students communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively by creating or using a variety of digital objects such as visualizations, models or simulations.

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Why I am Flipping for Flipgrid

Insertlearning will let you turn any webpage into an interactive lesson.  The toolbar will allow you to highlight text, add sticky notes, insert questions, videos, or even a discussion all inside the webpage! Find the chrome extension here.



SiLAS is a browser-based web app that allows students to act out social scenes using video game pads and microphones to control their 3D avatars. SiLAS records the interaction in real-time, then produces a studio-quality animation that teachers and students can re-watch, critique, and assess. Student-performance data is tracked and animations are saved in guardian accounts allowing for crucial carryover year-to-year and outside the classroom. Kids can also create and watch interactions in full virtual reality.

Is anyone using SILAS? It looks amazing and a Speech Pathologist is overseeing the curriculum development. View the demo: silassolutions.com Looks like the company is marking to institutions rather than small, private entities; however, it is definitely worth taking a look.  Start talking it up to your director of special education and admin if you have a large ASD population.

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A creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.  Buncee’s interactive, drag and drop interface helps students and educators create engaging multimedia projects and presentations to increase interactivity and flip the classroom.



Use Touchtronics interactive letters with iPad app for a fun, affordable, tech option for practicing letter identification, letter sounds, and spelling simple CVC words. This is an excellent classroom or speech center activity. I have both the letters and numbers options which I found on Amazon (letter $24 & numbers $18). Junior Learning website (junior learning.com) or store on Amazon offers a classroom kit option: Letter kit includes 3 games and 260 interactive letters (~$200) #touchtronics#lettersounds #cvcwords #letteridentification#teachingmanipulatives #phon


Osmo is an accelerated learning system that uses an iPad, physical objects, and educational tools to keep kids engaged in learning and build their confidence through hands-on play.

Speech Pathologists: This is a wonderful tool to add to your speech therapy toolkit!!!


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