1st Pop Quiz

Which of these do you agree with?

Intelligence is fixed at birth.

Some people are creative, others aren’t.

You can become a world-class expert with many years of practice.

You can change your personality.

If you agreed with the first two statements, you’re coming from a fixed mindset.

If you agreed with the second two, you possess a growth mindset.

The Speech Banana supports the growth mindset!  


It’s the process of doing something alone, in the beginning, that makes us an expert later.

What in the world is she talking about…

Well, we all despise listening to a so-called “expert” in our field who has never been in the trenches.  Someone telling us exactly what we “need” to do; however, not once gotten their hands dirty. This group is certainly well-read because they rely on utilizing concepts straight from the pages of books that promise to fix the biggest problems.  So many of these are complete fantasies rather than tried and true or evidence-based game changers.  The Speech Banana believes in hard work and experience.

The Speech Banana was created from a growth mindset.  I have completed 18 years of “working in the trenches”, in various positions across the southeast.  From Nursing Assistant and in-home ABA assistant (while in high school), Behavior Analyst (school-based) and COO of a nonprofit organization (after college), to Speech Pathologist and owner of a small private practice.  Over the last 18 years, I have worked as part of the special education team in public educational settings across the southeast.  Sadly, I experienced the same types of challenges in the wealthiest districts as I experienced in the most rural districts.


Welcome to your exclusive experience! The Speech Banana E-Boutique is curated to the dynamic nature of the therapist/educator/interventionist. Our vision is to provide a curated collection of quality, techno-innovative, educational and therapeutic tools to support endless potential, at any age. The Speech Banana offers a global collection of remarkable teaching tools, accessories, supplies and gifts for trendy therapists, educators and clinicians. Your red carpet awaits!

How we give back:

For every product you purchase from The Speech Banana, we donate a therapy/educational supply item into a Speech Banana Box. Once filled, we donate and distribute to a classroom, in need, within the United States. The Speech Banana Box is coming to a school near you! Our goal is to provide educators and related service providers with the best tools and knowledge in order to support endless potential!

A Community supporting a Growth Mindset = The Speech Banana

The Speech Banana supports YOU…the educator, the therapist, the school counselor, the speech pathologist, the occupational therapist, the reading specialist, the special educator, the school psychologist, the interventionist, the physical therapist, the paraprofessional…

Apply for a Speech Banana Box by reading details under Our Story and emailing: thespeechbanana@gmail.com

Let’s make a difference as a community!


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