Differentiated Instruction: Teaching Professionals/Community Helpers

If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.     ~Albert Einstein

Differentiated instruction is “organic” and dynamic.  Based on the premise that teachers and therapy providers should adapt instruction to the specific needs and learning styles of their students.  It is not easy and can be extremely time-consuming to plan.

No Worries!  The Speech Banana is here to help.  I have taken all primary and elementary skill sets and broken them down for you in step-by-step teaching components.


The following example is taken from the PROFESSIONALS (also known as Community Helpers) PROTOCOL:

Step 8: (Reverse) Who would say?

Teacher (SD): “What would a _ say?”
“Tell me something a _ might say?”

Student Response (SR): The child responds with the correct professional.

Prompts: Verbal (Verbally announce the correct answer), Partial Verbal Prompt (Verbally announce the first sound in the answer), Visual (Show the child a visual representation of the answer such as a photo or written word)

Target Examples:
Professionals Would Say…
Acrobat “I hope I don’t fall off the tightrope!”, “What time is the performance?”
Astronaut “Ready for take off.”, “All systems are go.”
Baker “I will use yeast as an ingredient.”, “I baked the chocolate cake today.”
Ballerina “My feet are sore from ballet class.”, “I lost my ballet shoe.”
Bank Teller “Please sign the back of the check.”, “What is your account number?”
Butcher “How would you like the roast beef sliced?”
Car Salesman “What type of automobile are you looking for?”
Cheerleader “I need my red pom-poms for Friday nights football game.”
Chef “I love to cook.”
Construction Worker “My tool belt is missing.”
Dentist “Brush your teeth or you will get cavities.”
Doctor “I’ll make you feel better and give you some medicine.”
Firefighter “Don’t play with matches.”
Garbage man “I will pick up your garbage every Tuesday morning.”
Golfer “I hit the golf ball on the green in one stroke.”
Librarian “This library book is due back in one week.”
Lifeguard “Do not jump from the side of the pool.”, “Do not run around the pool.”
Nurse “I need to take your temperature.”
Photographer “Smile for the camera.”, “Say cheese!”
Pilot “Please keep your seatbelt fastened during takeoff.”
Surfer “I’m going surfing in the morning before the storm.”
Teacher “Raise your hand if you know the answer.”
Waitress “May I take your order.”




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