10 Stand Out Visual Support Systems

Supports For Speech Therapy

The VERY Visual Schedule

TpT Store: Nicole Allison

Perfect for Classroom Management, Routine Reinforcement, and Students with Special Needs!  Visual schedules are extremely beneficial not only for students who have special needs but for every student in your classroom! I had a few students that who really needed a visual routine on their desk and so set out to create the perfect visual schedule. After I posted a picture of it on Instagram, many people kept requesting one they could use with their own students! After a lot of thought, tweaks, and using it with my own students, I can honestly say this is the best one.

Visual Supports: Behavior Supports for Speech Therapy

TpT Store: Jenna Rayburn Kirk

These visuals supports are designed to support behavior skills during speech therapy services. They are perfect for young children, kids with autism, and other children who need supports. Utilize them as a behavior supports to improve the ability of your students to stay on task, remain motivated, and work toward communication goals they are working on.

SLP Visual Support Bundle

TpT Store: The Speech Bubble SLP

Visuals are a simple but powerful tool. Visual schedules can help add structure to your sessions, visual necklaces can help support communication, and visual depictions of language concepts can help your students make those important connections for growth. This bundle gives you a great set to assist you in providing visual support to your students as they grow their speech and language skills.


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Supports For Your Classroom

Compare and Contrast: No Prep Visuals, Worksheets, Practice Activities, & More

TpT Store: Speechy Musings

This packet teaches your students how to compare and contrast. It is incredibly thorough and easy to prep! The entire packet is in black & white so you can simply print and go. Some activities require cutting.

It includes the following:
•Quiz: Great as a pre/post test to show progress.
•Compare/Contrast Student Workbook: Interactive, print and go workbook to help you teach skills. See preview for examples!
•Posters (2)
•Keyword Sort: Sort comparing vs contrasting keywords/transition words.
•Mini Visuals: Can be printed on Post Its. I use them for classroom carryover!
•Compare/Contrast Examples Sort: Sort which situations you could use compare/contrast for and which situations are better for a different strategy.
•3 Levels of Compare/Contrast Worksheets: See more information below.
•Complex Sentence Writing Worksheets: Two levels, one with more support and sentence starters.
•Blank Venn Diagram
•Editable, Text-Based Compare/Contrast Worksheet: You can add in your own text to this. You must have access to PowerPoint to use this.

EDITABLE Visual Schedules for Special Education with Self-Reg & Class Inclusio

TpT Store: Print Path OT

Color-Coded Visual Support System for your children with Autism, Emotional Behavioral Disturbance, Intellectual Disabilities, ADHD, Communication Disabilities, and more.
 Pictures are cute, engaging, and easy for children to understand. Over 330 visuals are included.

Calm Down Techniques – Books, Posters, and Supports

TpT Store: Pocket of Preschool

Calm Down Techniques will help you teach your students strategies to calm down when they are upset. It includes a class read aloud, calm down posters, calm down cards, yoga cards, deep breaths visual, book list, positive notes, and more! Teaching students how to manage their emotions is a life skill! These activities will help you build a caring classroom community of learners who will support each other all year long. These activities are designed for preschool, pre-k, or kindergarten.

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Visuals and Positive Behavior Supports for Autism and Special Education

TpT Store: Especially Education

Start your school year off right with these easy autism and special education visuals and supports.

This download includes:
– token board templates
– first/them strategies
– reward coupons
– contingency charts
– social stories
– flip books
– key visuals
– reinforcement icon choice board
– positive behavior charts

Behavior Management: Visual Aid Flip Book for Special Education and Autism

TpT Store: Adapting for Autism

This flip book is a great behavior management tool to give your special education students basic communication supports in the classroom. This book will become a resource the student can rely on to support their communication when they are frustrated, need rule reminders to stay focused, or are struggling to express their thoughts.

Calm Down Kit- Visual Behavioral Management Tools for Students with Autism

TpT Store: Autism Adventures – Melissa Finch

Calm Down Strategies for your classroom! This huge pack is filled of different supports for students with behavioral needs. All of the products can be printed, assembled and placed in a “Calm Down Kit” box for students to pull out when feeling overwhelmed or anxious. In this kit includes:

-Calm Down Kit Label
-When I’m Angry Visual Calming Card
-When I’m Frustrated Visual Calming Card
-How I Can Calm Down Social Story
-How Do You Feel Today? Choice Board (2 color options)
-How Do you Feel Today? Conversation Card
-How Do you Feel Today? Conversation Card icons
-30 Emotion Flash Cards
-Behavioral Necklace Visual lanyard
-I will take 3, 5, 10 deep breaths visual cue cards
-What Would Help You Feel Better choice board

Teaching Visuals {BUNDLE}

TpT Store: SLP Now

Visuals are included to support the following Common Core aligned skills:
• Parts of Speech (6 strips)
• Prepositions (2 strips)
• Pronouns (4 strips)
• Capitalization (1 strip)
• Punctuation (1 strip)
• Verb Tenses (1 strip)
• Sentence Structure (5 strips)
• Sentence Frames (4 strips)
• WH Questions (1 strip)
• Description (1 strip)
• Sequencing (1 strip)
• Main Idea (1 strip)
• Story Grammar (6 strips)
• Fact vs. Opinion (2 strips)
• Compare & Contrast (2 strips)
• Attributes (9 strips)
• Synonyms & Antonyms (2 strips)
• Multiple Meaning Words (1 strip)
• Context Clues (6 strips)
• Affixes (4 strips)
• Figurative Language – Similes, Metaphors, Idioms (4 strips) 



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